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Why Believe the Bible?

Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

For centuries, people have been trying to answer these questions. For some there is no plan, purpose, or future. This life is all there is, and when you're dead, you're dead. In the minds of these people, everything about us “just happened.” The sun, moons, planets, and billions of galaxies, with myriads of stars all just happened. Reference: Charles Darwin. Robert Ingersoll. Madeleine O'Hare.

Personally, when I think about the complexity of life, i.e., the six trillion cells in our own bodies, the structure of DNA, how our eye “sees,” how our ear “hears,” I find any chance theory much harder to believe than to believe in an Almighty Creator and Designer.

Going a step further, some people believe we are all puppets on the string of a great Superpower's all controlling will. He has pre-determined our destiny, and nothing we do can change it.

Some people believe we are here solely for the good we can do to others. We are here to love and serve one another, to relieve suffering and promote goodwill, that this is the supreme good in life.

Others believe in an endless round of existence, where life is constantly moving from one form to another. Still others believe in worshiping images they shape with their own hands, from clay or wood or stone.

What shall we believe? One idea is as valid as another—or is it? When we look at the evidence, we discover only one source of reliable information: the Bible.

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