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Why Believe the Bible? Section Index

Is the Bible just another book by human authors? Or is it truly knowledge revealed by our Creator? Let's look at the evidence…

External Evidence
  • Evidence from extra-biblical sources
    Secular historians record events/people/places mentioned in the Bible

  • Scientific evidence
    Example: Isaiah quoting the Creator, said the earth is round (Isa. 40:22) —written 1000 years before science confirmed it

    Example: God's law to Israel mandated quarantine to avoid spread of disease (like leprosy)—written 1500 years before modern science confirmed it

    Example: God's law to Israel mandated washing in running water for best body cleansing—more than 2000 years ago

  • Archeological evidence
    Visible ruins of cities mentioned in the Bible
    Archeological digs uncover evidence that confirms the Bible

    Because the culture today is largely prejudiced against the Bible, many archeological findings are being denied fair review or are totally disallowed. Nevertheless, there is a vast amount of archeological evidence confirming Bible facts, people, places and events.
Internal Evidence Its Miraculous Preservation

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