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Bible Prophecy Builds Faith in God

It is easy to read history and learn about the past by digging into the depths of sand, soil and stone. But how does one learn about the future? The philosopher would say that we learn about the future by studying the past. This is true to a point, but if we want detailed accounts of the future, we are completely helpless to discover them on our own.

Just tell exactly what you will be doing one hour from now—or five minutes from now—with certainty. Ask a father to tell the exact situation of one of his children a mere twenty years from now, to tell where the child will be living, what he will be doing, with whom he will be living, how many children he will have, whether they will be boys or girls, and so on and on. This is a very simple task, compared to predicting the future of nations and governments over millenniums of time, yet the possibility is far, far beyond us.

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