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Bible Prophecy Warns Against A Careless Life

One of the strongest benefits of Bible prophecy is its influence in shaping character and conduct according to God’s law of life. There is no topic more central to Scripture than the prophecies that concern the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. And there is nothing more effective in keeping a believer’s life true and on target than the confident, real expectation that Jesus may return any time.

No one can seriously believe that Jesus may come any day, any hour, and not be concerned about preparing. Read the prophecy in the third chapter of 2 Peter as it unfolds in broad outline the drama of the future. The old order will be swept away and the new be ushered in (verses 7–13). So drastic will be the change that it is described as a great conflagration of the present order. It is a change that will affect every living person on earth.

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